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Education comes from the etymological root word "educe,"which means to cultivate and bring out that which is within. Through seminars, workshops, symposiums, conferences, and training courses we strategically draw out the best in YOU so that YOU can consistently "Show Up and Show Out" and "Be Fully Present" in the world. At EMPOWER YOU Training Institute, it's all about YOU!

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Improve self-awareness & self-identity; develop your talent & gifts; build your potential; enhance your life; realize your dreams.
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Acquire new skills & knowledge or enhance current ones; strengthen leadership capabilities; increase your value to your organization; enhance future career prospects. 
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​Increase productivity & profitability; motivate & retain staff; raise customer satisfaction; gain a competitive edge.
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​Eliminate counterproductive behavior patterns; improve ability to function effectively; strengthen verbal & non-verbal communication; build healthier interpersonal relationships.
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Take charge of your life, career, company, and community through dynamic and innovative training programs that inspires, activates, and expands the power within.
EMPOWER-YOU Training Institute is a market place ministry of the I AM Network 
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